6 Quotes that summarise my love for Travel

I rather in the mountains thinking about God than be in the church thinking about the mountain

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L’ascension : How Love made one man Climb Everest

Exam time equals you to watch films. Guy climbs mount Everest to prove his love to his girlfriend with no experience. 🙂

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My First Trek : Bhimashankar

The strange case of Pedha’s, disappointing temples and missing hostel curfews.

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Meeting your favourite traveller on streets of Mumbai

Take a look at this, if you haven’t read it already.The girl I met at my Spanish Class FLASHBACK  It began when I was in 11th. I vividly remember sitting on my study table, when my mom enters the room, drops an article on my table and says “read it when you get time, it’s […]

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From where I stand