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The story of two lawyers and travelling gloves

We travel and we meet people. Sometimes, they touch you in ways, you can never pay back

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5 Things That Inspire Me to Travel

Books, movies, people all have something to say and inspire you.

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Paint away your pain

It all started off when I decided to go for a play and checked Book my show. ( I have decided to spend my free time, doing something productive.) And I found a play called ‘O frida’  The description was honestly quite enticing and  I thought about my friend Anushka who loves Frida. We ended […]

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Happiness is overrated!

Originally posted on BELIEVE:
I was having a conversation with one of my friends today. We ended up going a little philosophical and she said “why are people searching for happiness every time?” I didn’t pay much attention until she asked me “Have you ever prepared yourself to be angry or searched for something that…


Mahuli: The trek that made me start this blog

*SOUNDTRACK: THIS MAGIC MOMENT – THE DRIFTERS* The Station It all started off when I boarded the train from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus ( CST) at 6:55 am on a Sunday morning.My friend Bhoomika and I sat next to the window and marvelled at the greenery. The Base Village We boarded a rickshaw that took 30 minutes […]