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9 Quotes to make your Fitness Goals

Fed up of giving up on your fitness. These quotes will motivate you to get back in shape

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Do it when you think you can’t

It’s so easy to fall in hole of self pitty, but don’t. No one deserves to be in that hole. All you need is someone, to remind you of who you are.

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Meeting all the Crazies on Top a Mountain

You’re never really alone. Their are people that think the exact same way as you. All you got to do is find them

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It’s okay to be unemployed and sit at home

Doesnt matter if you’re happily unemployed. All that matters is if you’re happy

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Time warp in the hills – II

Yep concept of time is messed up

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People function on different Timezones

Do your own thing. Things will work out in the end

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It’s true, Time Warp is Real!

Weeks fly by in the mountains.

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The theory of Acceptance and Resistance

Disclaimer: This theory came to me when I began the conversation with this statement. Me : “You know, what I think is, we should do things when we are ready for life. Not before that, because I hate having that internal conflict with myself and feeling uneasy with my decisions. Uncle : Okay, so let me […]

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How flying a Kite Changed my Day

My roommates and I decided we needed to fly kites at least once in our lifetime. And that day was today.  So we packed one water bottle and were off. A 30 minutes bus ride and we reached the beach. We were about to cross the road when both of them wanted to change into […]

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How was your day ?

Today I would like to talk about something that has always been on my mind. You know how people ask you ‘how was your day’? And you don’t know that person very well, so you say ‘its fine’ without thinking twice. Well this has always bothered me. When people say ‘Hi’, its always followed up […]