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Meeting all the Crazies on Top a Mountain

You’re never really alone. Their are people that think the exact same way as you. All you got to do is find them

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Time warp in the hills – II

Yep concept of time is messed up

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Find that inner peace

I was randomly scrolling through Instagram when I came across this picture. It literally made me stop the mindless scrolling I was doing and just re-read it. ( Read the quote again )  Imma right? That’s how I feel in my third year of college. I feel at ease and peaceful. I actually look forward […]

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Fleeting moments of happiness 

I remember this vividly, it was October 2016. I had a lot going on, mentally, emotionally and physically. One of my family members was in the hospital and I had my exams on or coming up. I just returned back from the visit from the hospital. I remember saying this to myself ,”Put your shoes […]

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Black and White Photograph


DHARAMSHALA Phase 2 : Convincing the parents

Isn’t this always the hardest part?

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Make everyday an adventure!

Notice the small things in life like your neighbourhod cat.