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Look up and Listen

(I know I come up with strange concepts and titles for my blogs. ) The difference between listening and being heard I know, you’re gonna be like common Payal, it’s the same thing. Last night, after a long time I felt heard.  * Slow drum roll *  I know, I was talking to an old […]

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Meeting your favourite traveller on streets of Mumbai

Take a look at this, if you haven’t read it already.The girl I met at my Spanish Class FLASHBACK  It began when I was in 11th. I vividly remember sitting on my study table, when my mom enters the room, drops an article on my table and says “read it when you get time, it’s […]

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The theory of Acceptance and Resistance

Disclaimer: This theory came to me when I began the conversation with this statement. Me : “You know, what I think is, we should do things when we are ready for life. Not before that, because I hate having that internal conflict with myself and feeling uneasy with my decisions. Uncle : Okay, so let me […]