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Good teachers think we are dumb, and that’s alright

I don’t feel like bullshitting.I want to get straight to my point. A good teacher always has an evil masterplan. ( evil laugh and rubs hands together) They do this by planting seeds in your head that make you want to know more about a particular topic. Here is what I have devised of their […]

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Why I took journalism – Part II 

College started with me attending advertising lectures in early June. We were supposed to have an ‘Introduction’ class to advertising. Right? No wrong. The guy who came freaked the bleeping f*** out of everyone. Didn’t introduce shit. Started off on a tangent and I was just sitting there in a daze.  *Probably after class I’ll […]

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Why I took Journalism – Part I

In simple words, not everything in life is the way you think it is.