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It’s true, Time Warp is Real!

Weeks fly by in the mountains.

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The theory of Acceptance and Resistance

Disclaimer: This theory came to me when I began the conversation with this┬ástatement. Me : “You know, what I think is, we should do things when we are ready for life. Not before that, because I hate having that internal conflict with myself and feeling uneasy with my decisions. Uncle : Okay, so let me […]

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10 Shorts Films You Must Watch

If you ever ask me what my hobbies are? You’d hear watching short films. I always watched way too much youtube, and it was only when I was 18 that a friend introduced me to it, that I pursued it like a mother feeding her newborn. Bad example, but it brings across my point. I […]


DHARAMSHALA Phase 2 : Convincing the parents

Isn’t this always the hardest part?

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Make everyday an adventure!

Notice the small things in life like your neighbourhod cat.