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Find that inner peace

I was randomly scrolling through Instagram when I came across this picture. It literally made me stop the mindless scrolling I was doing and just re-read it. ( Read the quote again )  Imma right? That's how I feel in my third year of college. I feel at ease and peaceful. I actually look forward… Continue reading Find that inner peace

Short films

10 Shorts Films You Must Watch

If you ever ask me what my hobbies are? You'd hear watching short films. I always watched way too much youtube, and it was only when I was 18 that a friend introduced me to it, that I pursued it like a mother feeding her newborn. Bad example, but it brings across my point. I… Continue reading 10 Shorts Films You Must Watch

Short films

13 Animation Short Films You Can’t Say No Too

The reason I haven't put a number is because in my opinion, that is unfair. There is no such thing as Top 10 or 20 must watch. Every film has its own charm, and beauty and honestly who is anyone to judge a film. I might like a film no one has heard about, because… Continue reading 13 Animation Short Films You Can’t Say No Too