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How was your day ?

Today I would like to talk about something that has always been on my mind. You know how people ask you ‘how was your day’? And you don’t know that person very well, so you say ‘its fine’ without thinking twice. Well this has always bothered me. When people say ‘Hi’, its always followed up […]

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How I had an Extraordinary Friday Night with my Roommate

For starters, I had the most interesting class today. It was on Mass Media Research, but our professor wanted to start with the introductions. She didn’t point out who should go first. that’s what I loved about her.  If we didn’t talk, she would happily go on about herself and telling us fun facts.She left […]


The Book Thief

I loved the opening shot of the film. What made this film stand out, in my opinion, is the how Markus Zusak’s risked in making Death its narrator.The film is set in Nazi Germany during World War II. Death recounts the story of a nine-year-old orphan girl named, Liesel. Liesel is therefore sent to live with foster […]