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Rural India: India’s Untapped Market

Finally decided to write a post on why I love working in Rural India


Tribe of Mentors : Book that could potentially change your life and your career

5:32pm, Thursday,3 October ‘Tribe of Mentors’ written by Tim Ferris, the author of the famous, 4 hour work week never fails to astonish me. Every page open that book, I fall in love again. Well, now I ain’t going to try to convince you to why this best should be in your ‘To read list’,but […]

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How I developed a reading habit ?

Barack Obama would read two to three books at a time, in his tiny study room. And me being inspired by my own life philosophy I decided to implement it.

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Making peace with my Past – I

“My grandfather lived with the bitter residue of his own dashed dreams” This line inspired me to write this blog piece

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5 Books that have inspired me to live fully

Books that have inspired me, hope they do the same to you