6 Quotes that summarise my love for Travel

I rather in the mountains thinking about God than be in the church thinking about the mountain

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Life is Art/Art is Life

A Ted Talk inspired me to view life differently.

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5 Things That Inspire Me to Travel

Books, movies, people all have something to say and inspire you.

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Here are 2 stories of people who love their Jobs

You would do anything not to skip working. Don’t believe me, well I’m not the only one that thinks that way. Take a look.

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I met crazy mountain people in the Western Himalayas

You’re never really alone. Their are people that think the exact same way as you. All you got to do is find them

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It’s okay to be unemployed and sit at home

Doesnt matter if you’re happily unemployed. All that matters is if you’re happy

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Time warp in the hills – II

Yep concept of time is messed up

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People function on different Timezones

Do your own thing. Things will work out in the end

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Different People, Different Passion

Photography Vs Architecture

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Stories from the mountain

This is my journal traveling to the mountains to learn about waste segregation