Make everyday an adventure!


P.S – I wrote this blog while I was on my way to a college festival. 😛

This blog is dedicated to all those that unknowingly take an everyday adventure from their home to their workplace and back but have failed to notice the beautiful surroundings.For me personally, it is the daily commute to college which is a 20-minute bus ride & I make it a point to notice the things no one notices.

Let me give you some examples.

The sky


The walls


and that reminds me of a quote. ( Yes I have a quote obsession )

” People often say that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder,’ and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder. This empowers us to find beauty in places where others have not dared to look, including inside ourselves. ”
-Salma Hayek


Go ahead notice the unnoticeable, soak in the pollution and breathe out the negative energies.and that reminds me of another quote. ( Yes, quotes are life, because I quote others to quote myself better)

So Look at the garbage man, look at the way he carries his bag. Is he carrying his trials and tribulations on his back? ( Okay now I’m being a little too dramatic) but what I am trying to say is always be curious, always wonder! Where each person comes from, what time they must have woken up, what may be the reason behind their hard work? Is it to support their family despite them being sick?


Look at that street dog that always wags his tail, jumps on you but you failed to notice the happiness in him and nudge him to the side to go home cause you’re tired.


P.P.S-Go and say hi to that street dog maybe this could be his face

Look at that aunty that drops her son/daughter to the school bus every day. Look at the way he smiles at her while waving a bye from the window.

Look at the shopkeepers, Think of them. What is their story!


Look at the people in the bus/train/taxi and wonder where they must be coming from or where they are going.


Everyone has a story and you should want to know.
Your thirst for knowledge should never go ( Wow, I was rhyming unintentionally)

I try to meet grandpa once in a while and that has literally been the motivation for me to use the trains, to sit down near the door and close my eyes and soak in the fresh air and admire the lush green tracks.

I’m talking out of an experience that even the slightest smile from a stranger can make you happy for the longest of time.

And I would love to conclude by saying that

And I got a comment too
Because in the end time is an illusion

So look up and see the beauty that lies all around you.
P.P.P.S- All pictures are taken by me.

Mahuli: The trek that made me start this blog


The Station

It all started off when I boarded the train from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus ( CST) at 6:55 am on a Sunday morning.My friend Bhoomika and I sat next to the window and marvelled at the greenery.

The Base Village

We boarded a rickshaw that took 30 minutes to start our trek.

By the time we reached, it had started to pour. I realized that I was the only person who had forgotten a raincoat.

Fun Fact I learnt from the trip : if you ever lost signal all you should do is change your internet service to 2G

When we reached the base village, There was 2 full buses of people, 109 to be exact, who were to trek with us, so we decided to start quickly.


The Trek Begins

I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful the neon grass was and how was the perfect getaway from the everyday monotony.

At certain times on the trek,  I laid down to embrace the rain. After that, I got up and started trekking.

Now 3/4 part of the trek was done, and it started getting steeper and steeper and very slippery.

Stories you hear

I asked Nimish and Bhoomika how they met and he said that he had first encountered her on an app called ‘letters’. They only had met a couple of times after that and now they were taking a trek together. Crazy, isn’t it?

The cliche deep conversations we had

We were sitting at the edge with our feet hanging down over the beautiful neon green valley  with the river flowing through it and spoke about life

Motivated two young girls to reach the peach

On the way to the top I met these two girls called Nidhi and Prescilla who looked quite tired but very determined. I smiled at Nidhi while she sat down to take a break, and told her that I had met a couple descending, and I eagerly asked them about the view from the top. They said they didn’t make it, as it was steep and very slippery. They looked quite dejected.

The top

Determined not to feel that way, I told Nidhi that we had to do this as this couldn’t be one of our life regrets. She laughed and agreed, and I continued talking to her about how I had planned Mahuli 4 months in advance and never did the trek because I thought I couldn’t, but there I was, promising a stranger that I would meet her at the top.

I moved on further and the climb just became tougher, as we had to climb over huge rocks and up 90-degree ladders.

When we finally made it to the top, I touched the wall and had a little tear in my eye, because had I conquered my fear of heights and tough treks.


I was truly unstoppable and highly motivated. We finally reached the plateau and lay down in the clouds. It felt truly amazing to have done something so incredible. We completed the 4 hour trek in 3 hours which made us feel absolutely elated.


Leaving any place is sad. We stood in line to climb back down the ladder.

When it got tough, I slid down the rocks, in a safe-ish way.

I was descending with my friends but then again I lost them, though that was always the best part. Losing them, in a good way, motivated me talk to other people.

People I met along the way : 2 Older Men

The 2 older men who spoke to me in fluent Marathi, and though I couldn’t understand anything, I nodded and smiled. Once they had completed their story, however, I told them I hadn’t really followed what they said, but could communicate in Hindi if they wished. They laughed and told me that they were speaking in Gujarati so I laughed along but then quickly picked up pace and walked away, feeling quite embarrassed.

On the way down, I started slipping cause it was pouring very very heavily and I was soaked through, when this sweet boy smiled and told me to be careful. I smiled back and started walking much more carefully. I could make out that he was stalling, he seemed keen to talk. I decided to make the first move. I told him that my shoes had lost their grip and that was probably the reason why I was slipping.

The Gujju Clan

He informed me that their tour group consisted completely of Gujju’s and they were of the Kutch caste. They were the main people who sponsored these trips.

By this time, I felt like being more adventurous so we decided to go on the steep rocks, where I started to slide but couldn’t stop myself in time and I fell on a rock and bruised my leg real bad.

Re-encountering the Gujjus

We continued the trek in silence now, and it was wonderful. This time, when again I was left behind and sat down for a break, I ran into the familiar men who immediately and smilingly recognized me as the “no Marathi girl”. I laughed and agreed, and they asked me how the trek had been. I told them it was amazing and that I  was really tired cause I hadn’t eaten anything since morning, and when they heard that, they immediately stopped and started removing boxes

Kindness of Strangers

and lots of rolled silver foils, filled with food. I was so touched. He told me that they contained thepla , pickle, & rotis. I was so happy, and by this time, my friends caught up very conveniently and sat and ate with me. As we parted with the 2 men, and I asked them when or how I could return the box, but they told me to keep it. I smiled and said that I probably would, as it held a lot of memories.

Missed the train

After eating the most delicious lunch we made our way back. This meant that we, unfortunately, had to say goodbye to M-dawg, and we were quite sad since we were all together till the end. We got to the station and missed the train by 10 minutes. However, luckily, the frequency of the trains was quite good, so we caught the next train headed for home.

P.s- I bought a shady looking ear-cleaning device in the train which only caught my attention when it lit up and I couldn’t resist. (Tehee)

Mahuli Phase 1 : Preparation

Rewind: 17th  APRIL  2016

I came across this website on 17 monsoon trekking destinations you must start planning right away. It had covered all treks from easy to hard. And I came across Mahuli, and that was honestly loved at first sight. I dreamt of going there. The place was so picturesque and the photographer in me jumped with joy and I was all set to go.

After doing my thorough research I found out that it was extremely difficult and only if you are fit enough could you possibly do this trek as it includes rock climbing. I put my phone aside and got up from the bed and looked at myself in the mirror and said I can do this, I just need to start walking every day ,hit the gym 4 times a week and start eating slightly healthier (which to me seemed kind of extreme for a lazy college going student).But the one thing I do believe in is the secret, what you visualize you attract, hence I made a plan of how I will reach mahuli and what train to catch in the notes section in my phone. and never looked it again.
Fast forward to July 2016

Normally I would try to go trekking once or even twice a month or at least plan to, but July wasn’t the month for me.

Firstly, I hurt my finger

Then my friends ditched me,

Then, my parents refused to let me go with 2 people.

Then, I thought my life was getting back together since I  signed up for “paid” trek to Matheran.  I would finally run away from the city life, excitedly put my alarm on for 6 am only to be woken up by a devastating text on WhatsApp declaring that the trek was cancelled due to a landslide. My heart broke into a thousand pieces, I was really upset, I was mentally drained, I needed an escape. Weeks went by, life felt like a routine, just surviving each day like a robot. Till finally, I woke up…

27 July Wednesday

I had this sudden realisation that if I keep waiting to become fit and wait for the perfect moment I would never end up going to Mahuli, NEVER. And that was quite a frightening thought,  I must say for someone who loves travelling. So I asked a couple of college friends and we decided we’d go.

30 July Saturday

Before going to bed, I did one last bit of research about the place and thank god I did cause I found the most helpful blog on the planet. it gave me all tidbits that none of the other sites shared. for example: how much would the rickshaw from the station to mahuli charge ? or which side to get off from the station? where should we parcel food from to carry on the trek and so on?
To be continued…

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