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How to Remember Your Life?

As an amateur photographer, I have always faced a dilemma with my camera, “How to live in the moment and take a picture?” I think I may have found out something

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Life is Art/Art is Life

A Ted Talk inspired me to view life differently.

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The Speech that changed me : Neil Gaiman

Waiting for that sign to start achieving your goals. This is it.

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How German Rap is Subtly Promoting Gun Violence

Location :Devendar’s Cafe Lohajung Background Music : Pink Flyod or Janis Joplin Claudia: You have really good taste in it. In Switzerland, I work with plenty of kids who listen to German rap.  Me: I like certain rap songs too Her: I don’t think you understand me, the German rap songs have these filthy abuses. They […]

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Watch India’s progress through Netflix’s documentary

The Oscar-Nominated Doc About a Pad Machine – The New Yorker

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How millennials should check the news?

Our media, reports pressing issues to the general public like a wrestling match. Don’t believe me. Take a look at this

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The New Kind of Freedom

Some words never seem to go along. But can they ?

Check out Casey’s Neistat Latest video with a retired US Navy SEAL.

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Mountains were places of peril, not beauty.
An upper world to be shunned, not sought out.
How then have mountains now come to hold a spellbound.
Drawing us into their dominion.
Often at the cost of our lives.

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Sarcasm to a whole new level

I  love when things never go as planned. It’s great knowing, you aren’t the only one that shares this rare sense of humour. Here’s a list of some of them : 1. The day Beyonce Turned Black My thoughts :Hilarious?  2. First person to run a marathon without talking about it  My thoughts :This just […]

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Let’s not ignore the crisis in Syria

What is happening in Syria is real. LET’S NOT TURN A BLIND EYE!