My Lil Thoughts on Climate Change

“Don’t be afraid to speak, there are past generations supporting you, there are future generations wanting to join you. You are never alone. L.E Bowman I think that’s what we need to remember, when we dicuss Climate change. We always think it’s useless, that our once action doesn’t make a difference. But it does. IfContinue reading “My Lil Thoughts on Climate Change”

How German Rap is Subtly Promoting Gun Violence

Location :Devendar’s Cafe Lohajung Background Music : Pink Flyod or Janis Joplin Claudia: You have really good taste in it. In Switzerland, I work with plenty of kids who listen to German rap.  Me: I like certain rap songs too Her: I don’t think you understand me, the German rap songs have these filthy abuses. TheyContinue reading “How German Rap is Subtly Promoting Gun Violence”

The story of red bangles and bold decisions

Red Bangles: The story of a girl that ran away for a social cause, then decided to open a film production company.

Social Problems Are Like Maths

"The skill of making and maintaining commonwealths consisteth in certain rules, as doth arithmetic and geometry"

Hand of Colors

Travel - Photography


You will love it ! Discover vegetarian food, its history and related reviews.

When I Decided.....

“We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us.” ― Ken Levine