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The ‘Power of a Pup’

” Just having my little furry doll at my feet, I felt life wasn’t as bad as I made it seem in my head.”

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Life is Art/Art is Life

A Ted Talk inspired me to view life differently.

life Power Videos you should watch

The Speech that changed me : Neil Gaiman

Waiting for that sign to start achieving your goals. This is it.

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How I developed a reading habit ?

Barack Obama would read two to three books at a time, in his tiny study room. And me being inspired by my own life philosophy I decided to implement it.

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Never lose the desire to walk

Ever had that moment where you haven’t been able to express yourself? Well this was one of those moments that someone has perfectly described for me.

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3 websites to check out if you plan to Volunteer in India

If you are looking for Volunteering option here are a couple of websites that are straightforward : The Alternative:  ScoopWhoop :   TripSavvy : They more or less overlap, but there are a lot of places to travel and social work to do.

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13 quotes to remind you of your self worth

Feling low, take a look at this. I assure you, you’d feel better

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How the radio empowered a transgender?

This is the beautiful blend between modern technology and a progressive society.

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15 Quotes to remind you of your Power

Nobody is you and that is your power

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15 Quotes to guide your career

Quotes to steer you in the path of your dreams