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The ‘Power of a Pup’

” Just having my little furry doll at my feet, I felt life wasn’t as bad as I made it seem in my head.”

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How College contributed to my love of Films?

“I never felt more welcomed into someones home than in this film.”

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How to Remember Your Life?

As an amateur photographer, I have always faced a dilemma with my camera, “How to live in the moment and take a picture?” I think I may have found out something

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Wan, the last motorable village, Chamoli Uttarakhand

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How the village interactions shaped me as a person?

“Well Payal at the end of the day if you’re happy and you can sleep at night, then we’ll to me your sorted.”

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How do I Define ‘Time’ through Quotes?

I like to sum up things differently. Take a look

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The Speech that changed me : Neil Gaiman

Waiting for that sign to start achieving your goals. This is it.

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Cold II

If you read/watched my previous blog, you’d get what I’m trying to say in this

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How I developed a reading habit ?

Barack Obama would read two to three books at a time, in his tiny study room. And me being inspired by my own life philosophy I decided to implement it.

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Mid day Meal : A soaring success in Uttarakhand

Tired of the news reporting failure of Mid Day Meal, I beg to differ. Here’s my experience of the Mid Day Meal in Uttarakhand.