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How College contributed to my love of Films?

“I never felt more welcomed into someones home than in this film.”

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Greta Thunberg & her quest to Combat Climate Change II

I think I’ll just skip the jist for this one. You”ll have to just read it.

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Watch India’s progress through Netflix’s documentary

The Oscar-Nominated Doc About a Pad Machine – The New Yorker

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Mountains were places of peril, not beauty.
An upper world to be shunned, not sought out.
How then have mountains now come to hold a spellbound.
Drawing us into their dominion.
Often at the cost of our lives.

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5 Things That Inspire Me to Travel

Books, movies, people all have something to say and inspire you.

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5 Movies you’d never find on the internet

You need to watch this to call your life fulfilled.