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How I knew I wanted to join the social sector?

“Life has funny ways of working out. All you got to do is trust the process. Work hard and a with a little bit of luck, wonders happen”

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Why you must watch ‘Girls from Ipanema’

“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.”

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The Word Collector

I do stupid shit, that’s why it’s important to have good people to help you out the pit you dug yourself into.

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Two must watch Documentaries on Netflix

“No matter how insignificant you think you are, your voice could start a hurricane.”

My favorite Tv shows are the ones that make a difference.

Corona 2020 Ranting

Making Peace With My Past – III

Clarity is everything to me. Yet again, I was able to solve my own issues.

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10 Social Change Courses on Edx

Behavioural Economics in Action Making Sense of Climate Science Denial ( Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies ( Healthcare in India: Strategic Perspectives ( Journalism for Social Change ( Project Management for Development ( Technology Innovation for Sustainable Development ( Disciplined Approach to Social Entrepreneurship ( Enabling Entrepreneurs to Shape a Better World ( Humanitarian Response […]

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Will there be ‘POLICE REFORMS’ in the US in my lifetime?

My thoughts on the George Flyod incident that occured on 25th May 2020

Corona 2020 Online Courses

5 Social Change Courses on Coursera

Working in the social sector during the Pandemic is certainly challenging. Take a step back and do some online courses

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How I felt during Covid through Quotes

Quotes have always been able to describe my thoughts so perfectly, so why not compile quotes on how I felt during Corona 🙂

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Let the ‘Corona Begin’.

6th April marks 30 days of my roommates and I sitting in our hostels.