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Rural India: India’s Untapped Market

Finally decided to write a post on why I love working in Rural India

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Will there be ‘POLICE REFORMS’ in the US in my lifetime?

My thoughts on the George Flyod incident that occured on 25th May 2020

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The Digital Web We All Live In

After my graduation, I went on to go pursue something that made me ‘feel’ something. The combination of the city and my own self damaging behavior made numb & of course ( Instagram had nothing to do with this).

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How this Himalayan Family lives with no network?

” He began his story of how he had dropped out of school in the 6th standard to support his parents. His parents couldn’t pay his school fees of 10 Paisa. “

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A Conversation with a 60 year old Himalayan woman

“I am an uneducated woman, I don’t know anything.”

I wasn’t shocked with her reply.

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Cold II

If you read/watched my previous blog, you’d get what I’m trying to say in this

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The story of two lawyers and travelling gloves

We travel and we meet people. Sometimes, they touch you in ways, you can never pay back

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Timeline of the quotes that defined me

Different phases in life call for a new enticing quote.

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The story of One Man, and his love for Dal Roti

It’s time to visit Dal Roti the most talked about restaurant in Kerala .

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Summer After Graduation

College ended: 7th May 2018 Fellowship began: 10 May 2018 WHAT I DID : I  picked up a fellowship with IndiaHikes. They have this initiative called Green Trails. Green trails was formed with the mission to keep the mountains cleaner than we found it. I did a 4-month fellowship with Indiahikes in Uttarakhand on waste […]