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Are you cold? or ARE YOU COLD?

There’s a difference and you should know!

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Mid day Meal : A soaring success in Uttarakhand

Tired of the news reporting failure of Mid Day Meal, I beg to differ. Here’s my experience of the Mid Day Meal in Uttarakhand.

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Never lose the desire to walk

Ever had that moment where you haven’t been able to express yourself? Well this was one of those moments that someone has perfectly described for me.

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Greta Thunberg & her quest to Combat Climate Change II

I think I’ll just skip the jist for this one. You”ll have to just read it.

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3 websites to check out if you plan to Volunteer in India

If you are looking for Volunteering option here are a couple of websites that are straightforward : The Alternative:  ScoopWhoop :   TripSavvy : They more or less overlap, but there are a lot of places to travel and social work to do.

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Two people, One Lesson

Just differently said, but the essence is the same

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The three sins of Mediocrity I committed

How I relate my experiences with the quotes I read


5 quotes on Girl power

Be that woman that inspires others


10 Interesting fellowships to do in India

India has really interesting things to do, take a look at the list I have compiled for our convenience

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Making peace with my past – II

This is the sole reason why i would love to be a comedian. My life is a joke.