Sarcasm to a whole new level

I  love when things never go as planned. It’s great knowing, you aren’t the only one that shares this rare sense of humour. Here’s a list of some of them :

1. The day Beyonce Turned Black

My thoughts :Hilarious? 

2. First person to run a marathon without talking about it 

My thoughts :This just killed me. It was so on point.

3. Selfie Anonymous 

My thoughts :  It makes you think about our generation. Where are we heading ?

4. Johnny Express

My thoughts : I literally laughed out loud in this one. It was just too funny and I loved the last scene.

If you loved this series, I have some more for you to watch 

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“I rather be in the mountains thinking of god than in church thinking about the mountains.” -John Muir

3 thoughts on “Sarcasm to a whole new level

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