Summer After Graduation

College ended: 7th May 2018

Fellowship began: 10 May 2018


I  picked up a fellowship with IndiaHikes. They have this initiative called Green Trails. Green trails was formed with the mission to keep the mountains cleaner than we found it.

I did a 4-month fellowship with Indiahikes in Uttarakhand on waste management. I engaged with local communities regarding waste, explained to them the importance of waste segregation , conducted upcycling workshops, taught environmental studies at schools, engaged with the market association and Mahila mandals.

I learnt the importance of my hiking boots

I gave speeches

I heard speeches

I taught at schools


The city was ridiculously superficial, to me.I knew what I wanted and the city couldn’t provide it to me. After college, everyone was in frenzy to find a job, get a well-paying salary. All I fancied was two things making a difference and feel a bit alive I guess. And guess what Indiahikes did that for me.

I flew all the way from Bombay to Delhi, took an overnight train to Kathgodam, sat in a12 hour bumpy jeep ride to Lohajung, which became my house for the next 4 months.

Green trails will always be a dream job! It’s really special. But I got to say, living in the mountains is not all that merry it’s quite a challenge. You rarely find anyone that would talk about it.

Some days were so tough, I would break down and asked myself, “why did you come here in the first place? But then, I calmed down,  took a breathe and remembered, why I was there in the first place.”


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