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Do it when you think you can’t

It’s so easy to fall in hole of self pitty, but don’t. No one deserves to be in that hole. All you need is someone, to remind you of who you are.

So I was sitting on a pile of sacks, when Laura came up and smiled. I randomly started telling her why I began writing my blog.

Me : For many years, I didn’t write is because I never felt I could write well. I always hung out with smarter more intelligent people.

Laura : Don’t compare yourself, they maybe good at writing, but your better at giving at advice. Everyone has different things their good at.

Me : That’s true. But for me, one day changed it all. I took a trek I’d never forget. So many things I did,I was so esacatic, I still vividly, remember how I came back to my hostel room and told Lisa and Shreya my roommates, I had the best day and I’m going to be opening a blog. ( says all this in one breath).

I cannot keep these things inside my heart anymore. I need an outlet, I don’t feel as if I’m doing justice to myself keeping it in. So what if I don’t know a lot of words, by writing you’ll learn. And that’s what made me start my blog.” ( takes breath)

Laura : wow

By thedelhigirlexplores

“I rather be in the mountains thinking of god than in church thinking about the mountains.”
-John Muir

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