Here are 2 stories of people who love their Jobs

A friend of my mine hurt his neck really badly. He looked miserable and was in so much pain he decided to travel 295 kms to visit a hospital.

The next morning, we were making bottle bricks

Take an empty  plastic water bottle, stuff it with soft plastics like chips,biscuits wrappers, compress it with a stick, it becomes so compact, it can be  actually be used to make stools, bookshelves.

I inquired whether he was up to the mark for the trek ? All he said was “ he popped a pain killer at night and can’t wait to take my next trek.”

That’s when I realized the true value of “ if you love something you’ll find a way not an excuse”


A similar conversation happened with another friend of mine.

We had gone star gazing, and as usual, they weren’t any stars, but hope and disciplines keeps you staring till you find some. My friend said, “When I’m on my trek, time flies so fast, and I’m excited to come back home to basecamp.

But when I’m home, I feel like going back.”

And then this comes into my mind

“I rather be in the mountains thinking of god than in church thinking about the mountains.”

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