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People function on different Timezones

Do your own thing. Things will work out in the end

There’s a nearby trek called Ajjan top. It’s a 40 minutes hike.


Laura my roommate would always wake up early in the morning and go for it. For me, on the other hand, I wasn’t a morning person, I just couldn’t get myself to wake up even though I love trekking.

So I thought, with that mind set I wouldn’t ever go to Ajjan. But then I realised I just got to “find my time” and do things according to me.

That’s when things started working out. I started going to Ajjan between 3 and 4pm.


So don’t ever compare yourself to others. Just do your own thing and find your own time.

By thedelhigirlexplores

“I rather be in the mountains thinking of god than in church thinking about the mountains.”
-John Muir

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