3 Reasons why I started watching Foreign films

The Start

giphy-downsized (7).gif

I still remember this vividly. I was in 12 standards, sitting in my bed ( cause I yet again sprained my ankle) in Delhi, when my best friend came over and said, “Payal have you seen “Paris Je T’aime.” and said, “Show me”.

Watch it here:  Bastille, Paris Je T’aime.

That was the beginning of my obsession with watching foreign films. The beauty of these films is they are so different from watching the conventional Hollywood films.

Since I have been a film student, I have become a little critical watching film. I observe the cinematography, the dialogues, and try to find some meaning in the film.

The Middle :

She set the ball rolling in my court, after that I was on a spree of watching these foreign films. I started off watching short films, I honestly felt like I finished youtube supply of foreign short films.Then I moved on to feature films.It didn’t stop with French.

How College contributed to my love of Films

I met this friend, Anushka, and she told me that Alliance Française near our hostel, had free movie screenings in foreign languages every Monday. Without fail,after college we used to go and watch it.

The best part of the Monday movie screenings was getting the pamphlet for the Best foreign films festivals. All the films which won some sort of award in the festivals or were screened were shown. Even movies shown in the Dharmashala film festivals were shown. Sometimes 2-3 foreign films were shown in a day. If we were lucky we would go for 2.We sat hours on end and watching Greek, Czech, Dutch, Español, Russian, Vietnamese films.

The beauty of these foreign films

200w_d (26)
Das ryt! 

They lie in the simplicity.I watched this Dutch film, where this old lady had ALS (remember that Ice bucket challenge was to bring awareness to this disease) and she slowly her body was packing up that would lead her being paralysed in the end. To avoid that she wanted to pop a pill. She decided that she wanted to meet her family over Christmas, and after that, she would take it and fall asleep. Her entire family was okay with her decision. The way the film was carried out was marvellous beyond belief. The was no background score, simple dialogues, raw shooting, felt like always you were with them. All in all, you felt like you were at home.I can’t get over it. It’s been a year.

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