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What I expect from movie trailers.

I love watching movies. More specifically movie trailers.

Yes, that’s my face when I actually do something productive so my future self can thank me for.

When I watch a trailer, I want to find some sort of message/meaning to come out of it so I could apply it in my life. Strange? Well, you’re not the first to say.  While watching these trailers I have noticed that  :

(A)Either it gives away too much or

(B)Too little and

both ways it sucks

Giving away too much means: your hungry for more and you end up deciding to watch the film. ( Instantly regretting it) cause in retrospect you watched the entire film in the trailer. Then you laugh at yourself and your poor life decisions.

200w_d (18)

Giving away too little means : The trailer doesn’t even give you the slightest clue of what the story line is about,nevertheless you end up watching it.

When you do come across a perfect trailer, that you actually love you my dear just had a good day

200w_d (16)
And that’s my reaction to finding the perfect trailer.
200w_d (14).gif
That would be me, when I find the perfect trailer.

My next post will be the movies you should probably check out.

Movies you will thank me after you watched them

As I have already wasted my life watching  them and I can guarantee you that, the list won’t waste your time. Shit, that sounds intense, no maybe we could have different tastes in movies and you could probably still waste your time. But I still shall let the world know about these movies.

200w_d (19).gif
you may get tired of my posts soon. Heheh but then you soon realise
200w_d (15).gif

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