4 Brilliant animated short films you have to see

Good things in life come in small doses. This is a small dose of what I love. Short films aren’t just anything. AND THIS isn’t just any film short film compilation. These are THE short films that evoked some sort of feelings inside me, that I didn’t know existed. I wanted to share it with you, so you can experience it too.Don’t trust me ? Well, go ahead and watch them.

So go ahead and get ready to be showered with my awesomeness

These are the top 5 animation short films according to me.

1. La rosa Negra ( The Black Rose)


La Rosa Negra or The black rose is a Spanish Short film. Needless to say it had the most romantic soundtrack. Its about two mannequin’s in love. I love how the director) thought of such a simple yet enticing concept.



You get emotionally attached to the characters in a span of 2 minutes! I think that’s a good sign of a brilliant short film. The protagonist, the graffiti artist gets caught in action painting graffiti on the wall. That’s best I can sum it up, without ruining it for you.



There is something called the armchair experience. When you and the person travelling actually have the same experience. This film does exactly that, with a magnificent twist right.

4. Home sweet home


We all love our homes. But have you ever thought whether your home loves you? I know to say this is insane , but think about it. This animated film makes you think beyond the usual mainstream work. It makes you realise that things too, like us have feelings. Don’t believe me , go ahead and  watch the film.

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