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How I had an Extraordinary Friday Night with my Roommate

For starters, I had the most interesting class today. It was on Mass Media Research, but our professor wanted to start with the introductions. She didn’t point out who should go first. that’s what I loved about her.  If we didn’t talk, she would happily go on about herself and telling us fun facts.She left her 3 years job at “Google”because it was not what she wanted to do. In totality,I just loved her.

After she finished with her introduction, she told us to introduce ourselves.  I admired the first girl because it takes a lot of courage to go first.After that people started speaking up. But what really stood out were the fun facts. It ranged from a 7 second burp to  a guy rapping to  someone singing a hindi song , to someone saying “I love drinking and passing out” when suddenly someone says she proposed to her cousins in a wedding”. it just doesn’t end there the best was when a girl said she is practicing for a weightlifting competition next month and I started the slow claps! cause WOW.

Fun fact about me : I wear mismatched socks on purpose. 

After that I went for lunch with a college friend to have prawn biryani . It was very special because ironically that was  where we first hung out. Now exactly one year later we sat on the same seats and we were nostalgic .( wipes a tear) YES .

I love people who understand my silence. I absolutely love it when people talk about things that matter and  feels too much and people exhaust her TOO,She values her ‘me’ time.  and that is why I LOVE HER. She told me that recently her great grandmother passed away and she was quite upset. She said that she had gone to the balcony to get some air when she saw this pigeon.She tried to shoo it away but it was just determined to sit there. so after a while she gaev up and sat outside and cried. She told me that the pigeon sat with her for 2 hours. Then at 4 am her friend tries to call her back in to sleep and she notices the pigeon and she told her that pigeons are considered spirit messengers .They carry communication between the worlds of the living and dead. And suddenly it made sense to her. That her great grandma was looking over her or technically was with her for last 2 hours. And I really loved how she looked at the pigeon then onwards  differently and it changed her.

Then I came back to my hostel. I didn’t have any plans for going out that night because my  other roommates  were busy, so I decided to stay and chill in hostel. I went for a short stroll to buy Chicken Shawarma , while listening to “Coffee break Spanish”. ( Yes Im lil bit too enthu to learn spanish) Then came back and sat on my phone, scrolling through facebook when I came across this amazing articles


and I said to myself what are the odds and immediately started researching and contemplating to apply. I started dreaming of learning Japanese and how amazing would it be to travel for free and do something I love and completely forgot to apply.

After that my roommate decided we needed to watch a no brainer and I was all in. Then we had a classic no “let’swatch that”, “no dude, I think my trailer was cooler”, “bro I saw this trailer and think we should watch this, “Oh my god oh my god, there’s this website which randomly chooses movies for you and solves all problem ( but that didnt help us. So we ended up watching a movie that  I really wanted to see.

The right kind of wrong . It was perfect. exactly what we needed-a good laugh that inspired us by their very concept.


I will talk about it in my next blog. But for now I leave you with these quotes from the movie.


By thedelhigirlexplores

“I rather be in the mountains thinking of god than in church thinking about the mountains.”
-John Muir

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